2011 Harley-Davidson Blackline

01/21/2011 @ 7:32 am, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS

Fresh from the International Motorcycle Show’s stop in New York, Harley-Davdison has released a new motorcycle for its 2011 line-up that’s set to be another entry point into the Milwaukee brand. Based off the Softail platform, and a part of Harley’s Dark Custom thought process on design, the 2011 Harley-Davidson Blackline has that hardtail bobber look, and that features a new asymmetrical fuel tank styling and split drag handlebars.

At the core of the Blackline is a rigid-mounted, counter-balanced Twin Cam 96B v-twin motor that makes 89 lbs•ft of peak torque at 3,250 rpm, which is mated to a six-speed transmission. New from the Harley-Davidson parts bin are the split drag handlebars that connect directly to the top yoke, giving a near shoulder-height arm position.

If you’re looking for that old-school bobber look on a Harley-Davidson this summer, when gas prices will surely climb to ridiculous levels once again, the Blackline with its $15,499 MSRP, and 54 MPG highway / 35 MPG fuel economy rating might be the place to start. Photos of noticeably rebellious 20-somethings and press release highlights after the jump.

Key features of the 2011 Blackline include:

  • Powertrain styling
    • Powertrain is finished in gloss black powdercoat on the rocker box covers, the crankcase, the outer primary cover, and the transmission side cover. The cylinders are silver powdercoat with machined highlights. The derby cover and timing covers are chromed.
    • Rigid-mounted, counter-balanced Twin Cam 96B™ V-Twin engine with Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI), rated at 89 ft. lbs. peak torque at 3250 rpm.
    • 6-Speed Cruise Drive® Transmission.
  • Round air cleaner cover in brilliant chrome.
  • Black Denim powdercoat frame and swingarm.
  • Profile Laced Aluminum wheels with black anodized rims. Front wheel is 21 x 2.15 inches; rear wheel is 16 x 3 inches. Dunlop® D402 tires are MH90-21 front and MU85B16 rear.
  • FX front end with black powdercoat triple clamps and black painted fork lowers.
  • Split Drag™ internally-wired handlebars mount directly to the top triple clamp.
  • Asymmetric five-gallon Softail fuel tank is clean on the left side, with a low-profile fuel fill on the right. Die cast “Blackline” trim panel flowing down the center of the tank is just high enough to cover the fuel pump hardware.
  • Analog speedometer on a triple-clamp mount that also holds indicator lights. LCD screen on the speedometer includes low-fuel warning and “miles to empty” display function.
  • Bobbed rear fender with combination stop/tail/turn lights in black housings, and a composite license plate holder and light module that mounts on the lower edge of the fender.
  • Raw forged rear fender supports are finished in Black Denim powdercoat.
  • One-piece, two-up seat and passenger pillion. Laden rider seat height is 24 inches, the lowest two-up seat offered by Harley-Davidson. Gap between the nose of seat and fuel tank exposes the top of the frame.
  • 5.75-inch diameter headlamp in gloss black shell.
  • Polished forward foot controls.
  • Over/under chrome shotgun exhaust.
  • Optional Security Package with Anti-lock Braking System and Smart Security System

Source: Harley-Davidson

  • Other Sean

    As I’m sure salty old cruiser dogs can’t tell the difference between plastic “jap bikes”, nothing about this sets it off as new, to my eye.

  • Pete

    I agree. I don’t see a new bike. Standard Softail with a few bits bolted on. A few cues from the Dyna bikes. I’m sure what they are going for is the price point. This will no doubt be HD’s bargain Softail. My guess is around $12K. Still no bargain. No thanks.

  • Updating as I get more info, but MSRP is $15,499.

  • hombre malo

    All new should mean a new frame and motor IMO. Otherwise its just a parts bin special

  • wforider

    Looks metric to me

  • Mike L.

    Perhaps it’s time to divide A&R into a normal section, and a “who-gives-a-fuck” section.

  • 305ed

    Since Harley’s generate more responses and sales, let’s put the Japanese, Italian and Brit bikes in the “who gives a fuck” section.

  • RGR

    I’ll keep my Japanese and Brit bikes thank you very much. You’ll never see my ass on a POS HD. Let’s put 305ed in the “who gives a fuck” section.

  • Greg

    Anyone look at the video? Those people are the best looking dirtbags I’ve ever seen!

  • Bruce Monighan

    Churn, churn, churn. Nothing but a parts bin bike. Harley has done nothing original since the V-Rod (Buell doesn’t count, they did not do that). I honestly don’t get their sustainablity strategy. They have to know their demographics are approaching death and not X’ers or Yer’s coming on board. How long can you ride a dead horse?

    This is a company that needs a major rethink and restructuring. Their “profitablity” as recently reported is from the finance division not selling motorcycles. I can’t figure if it is just arrogance that keeps a real change from happening, fear of alienating their base, or if they are just clueless.

  • Richard Gozinya

    That’s what I was thinking Greg, I’ve never seen anybody that pretty on or even near a Harley that wasn’t being paid to do it.

  • Doctor Jelly

    Using the black cylinders and matte heads makes it look pieced together, as if you built it from parts yourself. Same with the mix and match black/chrome parts (upper rocker: black, lower rocker:chrome, crankcase:black, derby/cam compartment cover:chrome, etc, etc). Maybe an attempt to appeal to the guys that wish they knew how to build their own rat bike?

    It’s nothing new as stated above, but this is what they do. Have you ever counted how many models they have based off of 3 engines (sporty, BT, Revolution)? So quit your bitching, it’s nothing new from them, it’s nothing new from you.

  • irksome


    As to 305s comment, I’ll grant him response, but sales? You’d have to look to Triumph, BMW and Ducati to find any profitability these last couple of years.

    Perhaps a “Who Gives A Fuck, The Company Will Be Dead In A Few Years” section would be more appropriate.

  • Scooter

    God can’t Harley ever come out with something new? Every year they go to the parts bin and come up with a new color combination and another weird name. I am so sick of Harley Davidson and there stupid names they put on there bikes. This is just another parts bin bike like the rest of there line. 1960’s bike at 2011 price…… The pirate crowd with the 3 foot tall handle bars will cream there pants with this “new” bike.