2011 Ducati Diavel Breaks Cover at EICMA

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The 2011 Ducati Diavel has leaked ahead of its debut in a few hours at EICMA, showing us the final lines of Ducati’s performance cruiser. Performance is the key word here with the Ducati Diavel boasting features like: 162hp Testastretta 11º engine, 94 lbs•ft of torque, 456lbs (carbon) / 463lbs (base), radial brakes, ABS, traction control, ride-by-wire, and three riding modes. Other features include keyless ignition (as found on the Multistrada 1200), a split dash (as we revealed earlier), fold-up passenger pegs, and a carbon version of the Diavel (aptly named the Diavel Carbon) which sheds 7lbs of weight over the base model by adding carbon fiber body panels and forged Marchesini rims.

Looking at the Diavel, the bike’s 240mm wide rear tire is immediately apparent, and will likely draw the ire of many loyal Ducatisti. Ducati however says that they have been able to make the 240mm tire work on the bike, providing the expected handling characteristics of a Ducati, while incorporating the style and design of a drag-ready performance cruiser.

Merging the worlds of power and style has never been achieved with such convincing precision. A specially engineered 240 section rear tyre combined with famous Ducati chassis technology serves up mind-blowing handling and lean angles which defy the laws of physics, whether carving through curves on your favourite road or just riding out for a night on the town.

The Ducati Diavel Carbon comes in either “red carbon” or “black carbon”, referring to the color of the paint on the trellis frame. Both versions of the Diavel Carbon will have black forged Marchesini wheels, which shed 5.5lbs off the Ducati Diavel’s base mass. The Carbon will also get Marzocchi forks, whose low-friction diamond-like-coating adds even more blackout to the hotness.

Both bikes will get the full Ducati electronics package, which includes Ducati Traction Control (DTC), anti-lock brakes (ABS), rider-by-wire throttle control, keyless ignition, and rider-selectable riding modes. New for Ducati is the split instrument panel, which sees an instrument panel mounted on the handlebars, and another mounted on the fuel tank. The handlebar mounted instrument cluster presents your standard information like speed, revs, warning lights, temperature, and time.

The tank-mounted TFT display shows bike information such as the current riding mode, gear selection, DTC settings, etc. The TFT display senses the ambient light and choses whether or not to invert the display coloring to aid in daytime/nighttime reading. When stationary the secondary display also handles tuning the traction control and ride-by-wirse settings.

Also new for Ducati are the laterally mounted radiators. Helping keep the front profile of the Ducati Diavel clean, the Bologna company used two highly efficient lateral radiators on both sides of the bike. Located beneath the fuel tank, the lateral radiators use aerodynamical ducts to draw air through the radiator fins, and have high-flow electric fans when more cooling is required.

Expect pricing to start at $16,995 for the Ducati Diavel, and $19,995 for the Ducati Diavel Carbon.

Source: Autopia (Press Photos) & Italia Bike Center (Phone Photos)