After teasing us that a new model would debut at Ducati Island during MotoGP’s stop at Laguna Seca, Ducati has unwrapped ahead of schedule the 2011 Ducati 848 EVO Superbike. Built off the Ducati 848 Superbike, the 848 EVO features a re-worked motor that bumps the middleweight’s power output to 140HP, and also features a “Dark” model for the sinisterly understated riders out there.

To boost the 848’s power, Ducati has brought in new cylinder heads with revised port shapes, new cams with more aggressive timing, a new piston crown shape, a higher compression ratio, larger throttle bodies, and two lambda sensors. Along with the 140 pony powers under the hood of the Testastretta Evoluzione engine, there also comes 72.3 lbs•ft of torque. The 848’s claimed weight remains at 370lbs with the Ducati 848 EVO Superbike.

While you can get your 848 EVO in your standard Ducati racing red, we think the “Dark” version will appeal to the more baleful riders out there. Blacked out from tip to tail, the Ducati 848 EVO ‘Dark’ Superbike comes with a price tag that’s $1,000 less than its painted sibling. For those keeping track, that’s EVO power at standard 848 prices.

Source: Ducati

  • ML

    Personally, when I think of ‘new model’, I’d expect a whole new bike and not a fancy version of an existing one.

    Also, can anyone tell if the swingarm is black? Thats the biggest gripe I have with the current ‘dark’ 848. The aluminum swingarm just doesn’t flow well with the dark bike; same with the forks. I hope this is truly a dark bike.

  • Sean Mitchell

    I thought A&R said they didn’t like the 848 dark when it originally came out. Make up your mind guys!

    So this is the equivalent of a 5hp bump, and 5 torques as well. Woopty doo! (full disclosure, I own an ’08 848).

  • Ed Gray

    That’s less than I paid for my RC30 almost no actually 20 years ago.

  • Odie

    “… and also features a “Dark” model for the sinisterly understated riders out there.”
    I’m liking that, even if the title “New model” gimick is really thin.

  • Sean, we liked the Dark when it came out at EICMA. A matte black 848 for $1000 less than usual…what’s not to like about that?

  • Shawn Ting

    ML – Confirmed, the swingarm is also black.

    Jenny – Sean does not like this because he’s purchased the 2008 model…it seems Ducati consistently screws their new release buyers! 1098 Superbike, Hypermotard and now the 848.

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  • eze1976

    Shawn- I guess Duc figures the early adopters have the money and will stay with them.

    When was the 848’s first model year? 07 or 08? I mean thats 3 or 4 model years not really all that crazy and due for an upgrade I figure. I just wonder if they will release a new superbike for 2012?