2011 BMW G650GS – A Face Only a Mother Could Love

10/28/2010 @ 6:41 pm, by Jensen Beeler3 COMMENTS

The 2011 BMW G650GS is a quasi-new model from the Bavarian factory, as the bike is built around the same F650GS platform we’re all familiar with, but adds a new headlight and bodywork package to the mix. Taking over from the old G650Gs which was built in China, the 2011 BMW G650GS is built in Germany at BMW’s central motorcycle plant, and is another model being shown ahead of EICMA by BMW, along with the 2011 BMW R1200R & 2011 BMW R1200R Classic.

With a 652cc DOHC liquid-cooled single-cylinder motor that puts out 48hp (and optional 34hp package is also available to comply with Spanish, and soon EU law), and 44 lbs•ft of torque. Tourers won’t be happy with BMW’s 14L (3.7 gallons) fuel tank for the G650GS, down from the previous 17.3L tank. That range trade-off has been made to help make the BMW G650GS more agile though, as the smaller tank helps get the 2011 BMW G650GS down to its 423 lbs wet weight, with a full tank of gas. A bounty of photos awaits you after the jump.

2011 BMW G650GS:

Source: BMW

  • Greg

    Fail. Of all the people… why would the Germans engineer a bike and make the tachometer digital and the speedometer analog? What’s with the dual exhaust too? I know the emission controls are getting more strict, but the weight of those dual cans has to suck.

  • bikepilot

    That’s a good bike that could really use some modernization. The majority of the design is over a decade old. Glad to year they’ve moved production back to Germany.

  • Willie

    Probably the most useful motorcycle yet. Think they’ll keep the price down ?