2011 Aprilia Shiver 750 Breaks Cover

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The wrappings have been taken off the 2011 Aprilia Shiver 750 ahead of the Intermot show in Germany this week, with the middleweight street naked getting an adjusted rider position that should prove to be sportier than previous models. With a narrower seat, and revised foot and hand positions, new Shiver 750 owners will find themselves hunched over more as they slam through city streets and canyon roads (we’re not too sure about Aprilia’s claim that a “sportier” riding position will be “perfect for longer hauls”). This concludes everything new about the 2011 model compared to the 2010, thank you for reading.

Oh, you wanted to know more about the revised seating position? Ok, here it goes. The seat on the 2011 Aprilia Shiver 750 is two inches narrower, allowing shorter riders to reach the asphalt with their feet more easily, and generally making it easier to shift one’s body position on the bike. The foot pegs are set closer to the rear of the new Shiver 750, with the handlebars set farther forward. These combination effectively makes the rider position similar to a sportbike’s, which we all know are great for long-hauls on the freeway.

Interested in a 2011 Aprilia Shiver 750? Pricing starts at $8,999 at your local Aprilia dealer. Still no word on a 1200cc variant, but we doubt Aprilia is showing its full hand ahead of the show.

Source: Aprilia