2010 Yamaha FZ1 Owners Dodge a Bullet

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Owners of the “ultimate street brawler” (their words, not ours) will be simulataneously pleased and disappointed to see the 2010 Yamaha FZ1. As we reported earlier last month, the 2010 FZ1 did not see the incorporation of the YZF-R1’s cross-plane crankshaft, and it also missed out on some of the R1’s other attributes, both good and bad. Photos and more after the jump.

On the bright side, we were thankfully wrong about the styling update to the FZ1 that would bring the bike’s styling in-line with the current R1’s fairings and headlights. It also appears that the 6-pot front-calipers are a no-go for 2010. Indeed, the only performance modifications it appears that Yamaha has made to the 2010 FZ1, is an ECU re-map that provides a snappier throttle response.

To shake things up a little it, the 2010 FZ1 will be available in a set of new colors. Replacing the Cobalt Blue color scheme is a new Candy Red paint job. The Raven paint stays, but includes a more blacked out exhaust can and other bits Both color schemes will see the addition of gold forks and wheels.

Slowdown with your bad self Yamaha.

Source: Yamaha-Motor