2010 Yamaha Fazer8 Revealed

02/25/2010 @ 11:27 am, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

UPDATE: The 2010 Yamaha Fazer8 ABS has officially been released.

Here’s another bike we’re not likely to see in the United States, the 2010 Yamaha Fazer8. Yamaha has been teasing us with the Fazer8 and its more naked variant, the FZ8 for several months now, and now the tuning fork brand has finally shown the Fazer8 in all its glory.

With a striking similarity to the US’s FZ6, the Fazer8 sets itself apart with really only it’s motor, an 800cc inline four that is reportedly a re-sleeved R1 power lump. More details on the Fazer8 are expected March 12th.

While the Fazer8 isn’t expected stateside, if Yamaha perceives enough interest in the FZ8 and Fazer 8 here in the United States, we could see those delivery plans shift.

Source: Yamaha UK

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  • Kawatwo

    I can’t believe Yamaha wouldn’t bring it here as a replacement for the FZ6. If they bring it this will be my next bike. Have to get on Yamaha USA and look for “Contact Us”

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  • fazer6

    I can believe they won’t import it to the US, considering how slowly the FZ6 and FZ1 moved from dealer floors, even when two years old and heavy discounts.

    The blame is on the average american motorcycle buyer who wants either a cruiser or a race bike, both to pose by rather than ride, not on Yamaha.

  • Loki

    I’m from Europe so I won’t say that “I can’t believe they won’t export it in the US”. However, what I *really* can’t believe is how they just manage to make it look the same as almost 15 years ago! I’m not saying it looks bad but, come on.. After the Super Tenere – this. You’re doing it wrong, Yamaha!