2010 Yamaha Fazer8 Revealed

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UPDATE: The 2010 Yamaha Fazer8 ABS has officially been released.

Here’s another bike we’re not likely to see in the United States, the 2010 Yamaha Fazer8. Yamaha has been teasing us with the Fazer8 and its more naked variant, the FZ8 for several months now, and now the tuning fork brand has finally shown the Fazer8 in all its glory.

With a striking similarity to the US’s FZ6, the Fazer8 sets itself apart with really only it’s motor, an 800cc inline four that is reportedly a re-sleeved R1 power lump. More details on the Fazer8 are expected March 12th.

While the Fazer8 isn’t expected stateside, if Yamaha perceives enough interest in the FZ8 and Fazer 8 here in the United States, we could see those delivery plans shift.

Source: Yamaha UK