2010 Triumph Speed Triple SE

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To commemorate the 15 year history of the Speed Triple, Triumph is debuting the 2010 Triumph Speed Triple SE. Mechanically the same as the current Speed Triple, the SE showcases refinements that are being introduce to the entire Speed Triple line, as well as a snazzy paint-job. Details after the jump.

First introduced in 1994 as a “classy cafe racer”, the bike got its streetfigther look in 1997. The 2010 Triumph Speed Triple  SE sets itself apart from the rest of the Triumph line with its “Tornado Red” (for the record, we’ve never seen a red tornado) color scheme with a “Crystal” white center stripe with black pinstriping.

For 2010 and starting with the Speed Triple SE, the Speed Triple line will get upgraded suspension that have improved dampening characteristics via modified internal components. Additionally, the rear-shock will have a 5% softer spring, which should help cushion the blows to the butt dyno.

Accordingly, Triumph says these modifications give the new Speed Triple better ride comfort, reduced fork dive under heavy braking, and superior body control. Available as a dealer add-on, will be a host of suspension products available from Triumph’s newly announced partnership with Öhlins Suspension.

Source: Triumph