2010 Ducati 848 Dark – $12,995 MSRP [UPDATED]

11/09/2009 @ 6:01 pm, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS


UPDATE: The 848 Dark will be the same spec as the standard 848, photos now added.

We had expected to see a new Ducati 848 unveiled at EICMA this week, but the model we were expecting was a higher spec version of the bike, an 848S. Instead Ducati brings us the 2010 Ducati 848 Dark, which will retail a full $1,000 less than “base” 848.

Obviously drawing from the previous inceptions of the 748 & 749 Dark variants, were a little confused with Ducati’s pricing on the new 848 Dark as no visible downgrades have been made. We’ll get to see the 848 Dark up close tomorrow, and hopefully will have more answers then.

  • Sean Mitchell

    I hate the “dark” concept, it cheapens the line.

  • BikePilot

    I prefer the look of shiny paint, but the idea of a less-expensive model makes sense to me. Especially in this economic climate.

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  • Bjorn

    When the Monster Dark was released, we recieved dealer information stating that the rationale behind the Dark was that so many people were heavily modifying the bike that a cheaper base model was being released as a platform to encourage this.
    The 600 Dark was a huge seller, serving as an introduction to Ducati for many riders.
    As to how many went on to be modified, I couldn’t say. But the number of people who want a nice bike without all the bells and whistles is legion. A lot of riders want to get on and ride their bikes; they don’t want to think about the compression damping on their forks or are not interested in paying for a carbon fibre mudguard that will reduce the unsprung weight.
    From Ducati’s point of view, cheaper models that allow them to compete with the big four on price can only be a good thing.
    With respect to Sean Mitchells opinion, styling the line up to look like their top of the line sports model has been a Ducati marketing technique dating back 50 years to the 85 Sport being styled like the 98 or 125 Sport.
    I don’t begrudge anyone buying a dark for financial reasons or because of a realistic assessment of their needs, personally I’d retain my illusions about my needs and spend the extra dollars for the S spec model.

  • i have to say, i love the darks!

  • Snacktastic

    I read on another site that the dark will not have downgraded specs. Not sure how ducati was able to lower the price if this is truly the case.

    This bike has definitely piqued my interest. I’ve been shopping around for a new bike and have been very disappointed in what the big four have to offer in 2010. My choices will now be the 848 dark or the bmw s1000rr, maybe even the rsv4r…

  • Ceolwulf

    Ducatis are supposed to be red :(

  • Idiot

    uh…a CF mudguard will not reduce unsprung weight.

  • Bjorn

    Dear Idiot,
    Let’s assume a carbon fibre mudguard weighs less than a standard mudguard, how can it not reduce the unsprung weight?
    Don’t forget that the unsprung weight comprises the wheel, tyre, axle, brake disc(s), brake caliper(s), fork lowers (or swingarm) and mudguard.
    Unless you are assuming the mudguard is mounted to the lower triple clamp as on a trailbike or you are talking about a rear frame mounted mudguard.
    I probably should have been more specific, but I was thinking about the carbon front guard fitted on the higher spec Ducati models.
    Hopefully I’ve made my point clearer to you. That said, if you still think I’m talking crap, please enlighten me.

  • EC

    Lay your finger over the mudguard and it looks so much better!

  • Jeremy

    I always wanted an 848. Think it is the purest of the Ducati superbike range. A true successor to the Ducati 748. Shame its not available in yellow.

    Found out through the Desmo Club, that you can rent a Ducati 848 in the South of France from a company called Columbus ( http://www.columbus-international.com ) in Cannes. Took their 848 out for a weekend and had the time of my life. The bike has razor-sharp handling and is pure joy on the twisties of the Provence hills. The engine is awesome with decent punch throughout the rev range. Not to mention the amazing looks! Only thing I didn’t like was the amount of heat this bike produces in stop and go traffic. It gets really hot for the rider. But I could live with that.

    Hope Ducati brings out a lightweight 848R. Would do this model justice instead of chasing after bigger and more powerful engines the whole time.

  • Court

    Can’t the bike be bought and then painted red?

  • Kooskia

    You can get it in red – but not at the “dark” price. I assume that the dark version is simply a marketing ploy. If you want custom paint, buy Sharkskinz bodywork and save your factory plastic for later.

    I have a white 848, with a couple of mods (the full track kit and a Ohlins steering damper) and think I have found the perfect bike for Northern California’s twisties – and this summer the occasional track day.

  • Ryan

    love the matte black. and this time it’s not lesser-spec’d!

    What i really long for though, is the Streetfighter with an 848 engine.