2010 Ducati 1198R Corse Special Edition

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Along with updating the Ducati 1098R’s nomenclature to the 1198 naming that’s being used with the base and “S” model, Ducati has also released two special edition motorcycles that will use the new 1198R designation. The first new model is the same Troy Bayliss replica that was available last year (sans a new gas tank), but Ducati has also released the 2010 Ducati 1198R Corse Special Edition. Photos and more after the jump.

With an actual displacement of 1198.4cc’s, the 1198R’s had to massacred under the 1098 designation because of a combination of changing rules in WSBK and consistent company branding. Now that the model line has come up-to-date with what’s legal in road-racing, Ducati has finally changed the name of its race homologation Superbike.

The Troy Bayliss edition was updated with a new aluminum gas tank that saves 2lbs and adds .66 gallons of capacity. According to Ducati, the change to the aluminum tank was because of customer feedback in the North American market. Apparently, Americans really like their gas tanks to be made out of metal. Who knew?

As for the 2010 Ducati 1198R Corse Special Edition, it will feature the same 180hp powerplant and specifications as the Bayliss LE. However, it comes with its own unique Ducati Corse paint, instead of the race replica stuff, which mimics the new Ducati Corse logo.

Ducati will also offer the Corse Special Edition in an 1198S platform, presumably with only the 170hp motor being the difference.

Source: Ducati