2010 Benelli TnT 899 Cafe Racer

11/12/2009 @ 5:51 am, by Jensen Beeler2 COMMENTS

Like a young kid that sneaks down to the family room on the night of Christmas Eve, spying on Santa Clause as he delivers his bounty of presents, we’ve gone and spoiled maybe the biggest announcement to come out of Benelli for 2010. After catching the 2010 Benelli TnT 899 Cafe Racer out in the wild testing, it comes as no surprise that the bike has now been officially made public at EICMA.

Just like the larger TnT 1190 Cafe Racer, the 899 takes the stock version of the TnT and makes some design modifications for a cafe racer look. While, Benelli has yet to release its official specs on the new bike, you can expect a 120hp powerplant, as found on the other 899cc TnT models.

Since the 899 Cafe is a carbon-copy of the 1130 Cafe Racer’s look, the 899 CR will share another trait with its 1130cc counter-part: you’ll either love the design or hate it. We happen to prefer the standard lines of the TnT, but still think the Cafe Racer series brings a variation to the Benelli form that will appeal to riders looking to stand out from their Ducati riding friends. Pricing has yet to be determined, but expect something north of $13,000.

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

Source: Benelli

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  • I’m hapy to see they have continued with this model and the new lighter engine is sure to make the bike a bit more fun. It is a shame however that they have not bothered to modify the look of the new TNT. The original Benelli TNT 1130 Cafe Racer was in my opinion to busy for a Cafe Racer.

    Lose the huge air intakes, cut back on the fairings and they would be on the right track to giving us a true interpretation of a modern Cafe Racer.