Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance: 1930 Scott Flying Squirrel

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The 1930 Scott Flying Squirrel is one of the most innovative motorcycles to be produced by Alfred Scott. Built in Yorkshire, England, the Flying Squirrel cost twice as much as comparable four-stroke sport motorcycles, partly because of the innovative solutions it housed. For instance, Scott employed a unique thermosyphon convection cooling system to lower the temperature on his 596cc two-stroke motor, and would paint the bottom of the motor either green or red for racing or road use, respectively. Pictures and more after the jump.

At the 1929 Isle of Man TT, a Scott Flying Squirrel finished third on the Mountain Course, and was the motivation for a race replica model, which was made for street use. The Scott factory also released a Flying Squirrel touring model, which sold for a mere £70 ($2,000, adjusted for inflation and currency conversion). Despite the modest price, The Flying Squirrel’s value has appreciated just a bit since 1930.