Video: Introducing Ernie, Jason, Eric, & Nick

08/05/2010 @ 5:08 pm, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

As our tipster noted in his email, we’re not really into stunting that much here at the A&R office. However, we are big fans of awesome, and this video of Icon sponsored stunt riders Ernie Vigil, Jason Britton, Eric Hoenshell, and Nick Brocha during their thing has plenty of awesome in it. Great stunts, great music, great videography, Icon continues to find “win” in its ongoing video series. Keep them coming guys.

You can only talk trash in the comments if you can do all the stunts you see in this video. Thanks for the tip Matt!

  • Corey

    A quality vid from genuinely creative dudes. Always interested to see what Icon does next.

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  • doug

    Stunters are bad a**! Gotta love some Hollywood Kill rockin the back beat as well.

  • Ben

    @Doug: what’s the name of that song?

  • Odie

    I’m always impressed with stunters.

    @Dough, seriously, what is that song?

  • Odie

    Ah, I found it. It’s Hollywood Kill – Everywhere I go…not to be confused with Hollywood Undead – Everywhere I go.

  • Sean Mitchell

    I’ll pass, there’s a sweet demolition derby with Ferraris and Porsches in town. Pretty much the same thing, but with 4 wheels.

  • KK

    stunting is decent and i respect those guys cuz they are clearly not thugs but other than that i dont find stunting cool at all

  • Dragonfly_iii

    Quality, creative vid with some of the best in their field. Great work!