Disney has just released the second trailer for its upcoming sequel to the 1980’s movie Tron. Everyone here at the Asphalt & Rubber office was pumped for this movie after the first trailer was released, now there’s pandimonium under way…and Olivia Wilde isn’t helping matters much. Tron Legacy comes out December 17, 2010. Check past the break for Jeff Bridges, Michael Sheen, Bruce Boxleitner, and one on-ramp hopping Ducati Sport Classic all wrapped up in eye-candy goodness.

Source: Walt Disney Pictures via HFL

  • Davin Black

    Not that they needed to do much to convince me to see this (Tron sequel + lightcycles = done deal), but including my favorite “modern” Ducati as well ?

    So psyched for this movie.

  • Sean Mitchell

    Dang, December? Long wait, but looks worth it. That Jeff Bridges guy is on fire right now.

  • Mickey

    oh yes, sign me up please. 2 of my favorite things – motorcycles, and sci-fi (hot chicks in glowing tights doesn’t hurt)

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  • Request for promotional funding: I’ll make my own promo!
    -3 rattle-cans flat black paint,
    -retro-reflective rim tape: blue and red,
    -my old downed 1-peice leathers: painted black,
    -retro-reflective paint to stripe the suit.

    Now if I can just find a cameraman friend crazy enough to sit backwards on a friends bike while we do a few laps at the end of our next track day….