Slow-Mo Supermoto for Your Friday Pleasure

10/26/2012 @ 5:15 pm, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a supermoto so I can go sliding through corners, launching off jumps, and lofting epic wheelies all-day long with reckless abandon.

You see Santa, sport bike track days here in Northern California are very expensive, and let’s not even begin to talk about how much a “whoopsies” can cost on today’s Yamahonda GXS-R1’s.

I’ve been a good boy this year, and always wear my gear when out riding, so please Santa can you find room on your sleigh for a supermoto for me this year. I promise to feed it fresh racing slicks every weekend.

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  • jjrider

    Thank you, I needed that.

  • Jeff

    See this is why I race supermoto, sold my a-kitted Honda RS250 to do this, 10 seasons later I still love doing it, word of caution costs way more than you would expect but so worth it, ESP. When you spank some sport bike rider

  • buellracerx


  • When it comes to fun factor, Super Moto is it!!! I’d rather do this than race super sport bikes…. any day.

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  • Fantastic video. Sure makes me want to try it. :-D

  • Daws

    I’ve been racing Supermoto for many years now, everyone should try it once… the problem is, you can’t just do it once ;)

  • There are not any sumo/kart tracks near me but it’s still a blast on the street. Once you ride a sumo, it’s like a drug.