KTM continues to be a puzzlement with its electric motorcycle endeavors. On the one hand, we have CEO Stefan Pierer saying that electrics are too early in their development to be viable machines for consumers; but on the other hand, KTM continues to promote the KTM Freeride E electric dirt bike and even recently debuted the KTM E-Speed electric scooter (no, that wasn’t an April Fools story).

Today we have something from that latter camp of confusion, as KTM rider Ronnie Renner has had a chance to swing a leg over the KTM Freeride E, and the freestyle rider seemed more than pleased with what zie Austrians had created.

Watching the video, it seems a shame to think that KTM could be giving up on this project. Hopefully, it is just a ruse, and the Ready to Race brand is already hard at work on its next electric two-wheeler. In other news, can we get Robbie some street-riding gear? ATGATT up buddy!

Source: Network A (YouTube)

  • Paul McM

    Nice. I could definitely see owning an electric dual-sport. My daily rider is a Suzuki DR650, and it makes runs to the bank, out to lunch, to the post-office etc. — typically 20-25 miles per day max. 35 mile range would be fine for this kind of urban application IMHO, and if a swappable battery pack were available, this would be good for a weekend in the woods. 35 miles on day one and swap in another battery back at the campsite for Day 2. I hope KTM keep working on the eBike concept. Dear KTM: Check out the new Graphene composite batteries!

  • paulus – Thailand

    I still have hopes for this technology in the future… OK for track blasting, but a good day’s enduro ride is 6-7 hours of engine time.

  • TexusTim

    for sure this is the future for motorcycles….better platform than cars. the extra batterypack is very interesting, kinda like battery tools they have come along way and so have the batterys.
    so in the future instaed of extra gas cans on a weekend outing you take a few battery packs,charger and maybe a small inverter generator and your set…the load could be smaller and lighter than gas cans and just as effective.

  • TexusTim

    o damn ! you need gas for the generator…lol