Between Ken Block’s gymkhana escapades through the streets of San Francisco, and this stuntastic video of Robbie Maddison riding through an airplane graveyard, it is clear that DC Shoes gets this whole viral marketing video thang. There is a weird wild west vibe going on here with Maddison’s Air.Craft video shoot, and we kind of dig it…kiss goodbye to 10 minutes of your life, after the jump.

Source: DC Shoes FILM (YouTube)

  • tim

    This was pretty fun to watch. We need more out of the box vids like this from the motorcycle industry.

  • thruppppt!


  • Slangbuster


  • Odie


  • Litho

    That bit at 9:42 where the th e camera rig on the Cayenne hit the dirt…. Ouch!!
    No doubt those big-rig high-fps cameras got some awesome tech in them and are built with some wearher/impact/dust proofing in mind (considering the environments they’re used in) but I wonder how much abuse they’re capable of taking.

    Honestly, the camera work impressed me more than the riding. Not saying the riding is bad or anything, but I already know what kind of awesomeness these Freestyle Moto-X lads are capable of, while I know jack-squat about live-action cinematography.

  • paulus – Thailand

    That was just awesome!
    A great endorsement for DC, extreme MX riding and crazy bastards everywhere… keep on being GREAT!