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09/07/2011 @ 3:28 pm, by Jensen Beeler39 COMMENTS

I’m not even entirely sure where to start with this one. I know we’ve lambasted some ads from the motorcycle industry for being poorly executed, preaching the wrong message, or simply teetering on on the realm of Oedipus Rex, but this ad spot from Nissan takes the cake as the worst advertisement ever to involve a motorcycle. I’m honestly at a loss for words, so I’ll just say that I’ve always thought that the Nissan Juke was the ugly still-born bastard love child between a platypus and a tarnished sack of candied apples (I hear it’s nicer from the inside, where you can’t see how awkward of an automobile it is). I’d rather drive a Pontiac Aztec.


  • Trent

    You weren’t kidding Jensen, that is the dumbest ad I’ve ever seen.

  • What the hell?

  • keith mckenna

    Hey You, Nissan’s ad agency. Yea you. YOU SUCK!!!

  • fazer6


  • BULL$#!* >:-( !!!!! Besides any motorbike w/ a tank that looks like that Juke’s console is plain ugly@$$ bull$#!* too!

    Hey, at least they have the GTR :-)

  • buellracerx

    those bikes looked like sv650’s….no wonder the Juke could keep up

  • I`m not a native english speaker, so someone help me –
    what`s possibly the most absolutest opposite of “awesome”?
    (do not say “juke” – that`s too obvious.)

  • If I want a motorcycle tank, I want it between my legs. I want it real, I want to put Premium Tier 1 fuel in it. This does show the desperation of the Juke (puke) and its far reaching effort to attract such a dumb ass

  • z

    truly what the F?CK. agree. that is enough to sway me to never by a Nissan .
    otw, i’m also at a loss of words to describe wtf i just saw

  • Richard Gozinya

    This is not only a crappy ad, it promotes a dangerous misconception. People thinking CUVs/SUVs, or whatever flavor of the month soccermom-mobile can keep up with a motorcycle. Reminds me of that scene in Salt, where the big SUV is actually able to keep up with a Street Triple for awhile, until traffic impedes their progress and Jolie escapes.

  • SBPilot

    @ Richard Gozinya

    I agree completely. It also promotes a dangerous misconception that it’s alright to treat motorbikes as something lesser than a four wheeled vehicle on the road by smashing into them to bits with the riders falling off while the ‘car’ rolls on un scathed.

  • That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • luke

    braincells just exploded with WTF.

  • MikeD

    Impressive…most impressive…(stands up and T-BAG each and every person involved in such lame Add)

  • Billy B.Tso

    …that is Travolting & completely ill-thought out! …wow, and they thought that ad would “help sell” the car to the general public. Even if you look past the sheer stupidity of murdering ‘evil’ motorcyclists (which has already been identified as completely irresponsible and stupid), why would those animated events that took place inspire the car to have donor components from the motorcycle?? deconstructing the ad, it actually makes no sense…a trophy from the car’s kill of a motorcycle being incorporated/eaten into the cars internal construction….the same way the designers didn’t make sense using a motorcycle tank for a centre console, form and function, no clue…next they’ll be using ironing boards for bonnets…did everyone involved get their degree’s from cereal boxes???….geez i would fired from my role if i produced crap like this. Nissan, major fail here!

  • John Magnum

    Here in OZ it was proven that if you make an ad really annoying it sticks in peoples minds more so than something entertaining like classic beer commercials where you have a good ol chuckle and move on.
    Not saying you hate the ad and now your off to buy one, its the subconscious association that people carry after which only has to promote the brand as a minimum not so much the product.
    We had a really bad ad for a big supermarket here, bad music and la la dancing. It was condemed through bastard repetition prime time and the company knew it. But it made everybody talk about that bastard ad which carries some marketing in itself…..

    This ad is like one of those hyper japanese cartoons on acid and you think, what the fuck was all that flash bang.

  • irksome

    Yes, the Juke is the Diavel of cages; a warthog dry-humping a water buffalo.

  • 76

    didnt you guys hear, motorcycle tanks are the in thing nowadays, I wear mine as a necklace,

  • WTF Nissan

    How about we make a commercial with a large SUV punting Nissan Jukes off the road? Pretty sure Nissan would love that.

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  • Richard Gozinya


    You’re doing it wrong, you’re supposed to wear it as a codpiece.

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  • WTF?! As a company that sponsors the British Superbike Championship that’s a pretty interesting ad. Sorry Nissan, you’ve lost a (potential) customer for life there…

    Being one of the blog’s UK readership, I had to Google Pontiac Aztek, and boy is it butt-ugly! Still, I’d rather drive one in luminous pink than a Nissan…

  • Guess someone in Nissan’s ad agency was bored one morning and said, “any idea how we make the crappest ever car ad ever seen in the known world”; and then for “fun”, they actually pitched it to Nissan. The real idiots here are the guys (no woman could be “that” stupid) who commissioned it at Nissan, not the production team that made it!

  • And to think, my wife and I are planning a new car purchase this weekend and Nissan WAS on that list of possibilities. Thanks for helping me see the light.

  • Am I the only one that missed most of the ad because my brain was busy exploding over the claim “in a city full of predators, prey is never hard to find…”? No, you jackasses, in a city full of predators, prey would be extremely scarce.

  • hoyt

    Billy B.Tso – right. Pathetically lame that a car company needs to emphasize, of all things, the CONSOLE to sell their car. Then, they try to say its cool because it has motorcycle influences but then proceed to take out bikes.

  • The sad part is that some dumb schmuck probably got PAID to create that waste of 1:23min. of my life.

  • sunstroke

    If this is another bomb from the TRUE Agency, they need to be fired post-haste. Nissan has associated themselves with some of the worst advertising I’ve ever laid eyes on. The Leaf ads are antagonistic utility-destroying garbage, and the inventory ads were Schadenfreude at its worst. Now we are treated to this awful campaign which features some of the most imprecise copyrighting and convoluted branding I have ever seen/heard.

    The new Juke campaign is awful.

  • Juke can’t even catch a cold, so much less a sport bike.

    One of the worst ad ever, even technically.

  • digfoto

    Absolutely pathetic! NISSAN is often at the bottom of the food chain, but this turns up the dial. You can’t blame the agency, just the client.

  • Shaitan

    Nissan has left the building… and apparently their taste behind.

  • Westward

    Serious though, an Aztec ?

    As for the commercial, I have no comment, but the car itself, nothing is worse than an Aztec, except maybe the Gremlin or the Pacer…

  • Eddie

    That was a terrible commercial. Definitely gives the wrong impression of motorcycle/car interaction. The Juke really is an odd looking CUV. But to rule out buying any Nissan because of one ad video, that’s just dumb.

  • Dutch

    seems the backlash is working – video is now private and inaccessible

    :thumbsup: for the responses

  • i’m not so sure that it’s the particularly horrible commercial that everyone is making it out to be(big shock on a biking blog, lmao) – it’s certainly not “good” in any way – but i believe the real point here is that everyone from nissan’s ad agency to the very execs of nissan that approved that HAD to have known that nothing good would come from this ad. even if it was a technically great ad, the general concept of nissan vehicle being shown committing some form of violence would cause a big uproar in the ridiculously ‘politically correct’ environment we live in.
    frankly, if i had it my way, a crappy ad like this would just go unreported and get dropped in a week because it’s not working. no need to put all this attention on it.

  • j.davis

    What is the password needed to view the private video?

  • nakdgrl