Video: Mark Toia’s “Reunion”

07/08/2013 @ 3:15 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS


We forgot to say it to our American readers, but welcome back from the long Fourth of July weekend. We hope you celebrated the birth of our great nation by blowing up a small piece of it. Trapped back in your work cubes now, longing for the five or days off you just came from, we have just the thing for your Munday blues.

Yamaha gave Mark Toia a few Yamaha WR450 dirt bikes, and let the filmmaker do his thing. Shot in Queenstown, New Zealand (yes, it really is that beautiful there), Toia tells a good story about childhood friends reuniting at their favorite meeting spot, many years later. It’s a beautiful short. It’ll make you feel good. Call your mother afterwards. She misses you.

Source: Vimeo

  • Lovely. Great share.

  • paulus

    Every sunday!… Awesome.

  • paulmcm

    Great. Thanks for posting that Jensen. Makes me want to get back to NZed and visit friends in Wanaka (just over the hill from Queenstown).

    Love the helicopter shot where the four riders are all converging….

  • Wow. That was marvelous. The moment at the end when they first showed them all as kids together was nearly overwhelming. Fantastic!

    Sure made me want to ride one of those bikes, too. Well done!

  • skadamo

    The ending was great. If they said a 450F would be sold street legal in the states I would have shed a tear.

  • Gutterslob

    I took your advice and called mum. Now she wants me to head to her place and fix a broken water heater.
    Thanks a lot, Jensen >_>

    Great video. I never had the chance to ride motocross in NZ during my short residency in Auckland, but I have done some mountain biking on the outskirts of the city. Not quite as ‘untouched’ as what you saw in teh video, but still loads better than where I currently reside.

  • fasterdammit

    Sheer awesome.

    Anybody know whose music that is?

  • Gutterslob


    Can’t find details on the Vimeo page, but some digging lead to this:

    Last paragraph says;
    The sound track laid over the final video was written especially for the occasion and is called, “Feel Alive”. It was written and produced by, Raf Mikolajcyk, from Brisbane based Jarsonic Studios.

  • Paul McM

    Here are specs on the bike as sold in New Zealand:

    139kg (283 lbs) wet weight (fully fueled). And Yamaha even offers a hand-held mapping tuner so you can create your own FI maps. Hey… how about offering this bike (and the mapper) in the USA? Please….

    FI mapper:

  • Sad… it was for 4 bikes have distinct colors

    oh wait!