Who Says Lorenzo Doesn’t Have a Sense of Humor?

09/22/2010 @ 6:06 am, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

Be careful the next time you heckle a MotoGP rider on Twitter, because they might just respond. Such was the case when a fan chastised Lorenzo, who was upset about his performance during the Aragon GP. Catching the attention of Lorenzo, the fan promptly found himself on the wrong end of a retweet from the Spanish rider. Zinger! Thanks for the tip David!

Source: Jorge Lorenzo (Twitter)

  • zipp4

    Is there a translation available for those who don’t speak twitter?

  • Blake

    Here’s my best interpretation for you. Sounds like the fan was heckling Lorenzo about the fact he just got off the bike and walked out of the garage after finishing Aragon and saying Lorenzo will never as popular because of stuff like that. Lorenzo’s reply was he is popular enough for that guy to follow him on Twitter. That’s my take on the twitter post at least.

  • Sean

    Yeah, took me a couple readings to decifer it myself. I’m 32 and used to be on Facebook, but now I hope it’s all just a fad. Social networking is a shallow waste of time, not to mention inundated with lame marketing.

  • Harumph

    You get a lot of inside info from riders, mechanics and journalists from Twitter. I used to hate it but now I see some actual use for it, despite my initial revulsion. Tomizawa’s death announcement came over Twitter before I heard it mentioned by commentators, by a good margin too.

  • john

    I’m with Sean. Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace are all rather narcissistic at best. However, harumph is correct that at times useful knowledge actually gets placed on them

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  • irksome

    Twitter is aptly named; the twits who frequent it remind me of the birds outside my window.

    Every technology has its purpose but I fail to see why the random thoughts of random people should have any bearing on my life whatsoever. Then again, I still keep an olive-green rotary phone around for sh!ts and grins.