Jorge Lorenzo Goes Rockstar

01/10/2011 @ 1:22 pm, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

Two interesting things to note today: 1) the internet is an endless source of entertainment, especially when MotoGP Champions take to social media like Facebook & Twitter, and 2) when Jorge Lorenzo starts dressing up like Kid Rock, we can finally see how ridiculous us Americans must look to other people of the world. Observations on life aside, Lorenzo appears to have quietly picked up sponsorship with Rockstar Energy Drink, which resulted in this photo being sent out to his Twitter followers.

A taste of what we can expect to see in magazines, billboards, and internet photoshop contests, it does appear that a faint goatee can be spotted on the Spanish rider as well. While the Lorenzo crew is probably high-fiving on getting a coveted energy drink sponsorship, we’d like to remind the casual observer that Monster Energy has yet to make any of its sponsored riders look they came straight from Monster Jam IV.

Source: Jorge Lorenzo (Twitter)

  • BikePilot

    If you think american style is bad, you should see what the brits are up to, esp in the nerdy areas like oxford – welcome to the 1990s!

  • pokheng

    rock la sangat…hahahaha….macam mat hip hop je….

  • gaztl1000r

    well i know that yamaha have lost fiat sponsorship but how will monster feel seeing him in a rival energy drink cap???

  • SBPilot

    @ Gaz – Monster isn’t a sponsor of Yamaha, Monster was the energy drink sponsor for Rossi. It’s no problem for Lorenzo to have Rockstar as his energy drink sponsor.

    I suppose since it’s inevitable, the more the merrier. Monster, Red Bull and Rockstar. The former two clearly having more “elite” feel to it than Rockstar though.

    And how ’bout that style…..

  • 76

    Kind of strange Monster still sponsors Tech3? I know ones a bike and ones a man but seems like its not the best route for the money

  • Sean in Oz

    That photo is an example of why Lorenzo and Yamaha are struggling to turn a world title into sponsorship. Who wants that nerd fronting their advertising campaigns.

  • gnmac

    Thank you Sean in Oz, well put!

  • SBPilot

    haha Sean in Oz, you got that bang on. I can see the Yamaha PR guys following Lorenzo’s Twitter, seeing this picture, and putting their hands on their face.

    Lorenzo isn’t sell-able, not his face, not his personality, not his riding style, and certainly not his lame celebrations. I think Spies going to the factory team is a big breather for their PR department. Spies is as cool as they come, with unique riding style, quick as hell, and an overall more mature presence. I’m sure Yamaha will want to use him more for advertising than the spanish kid rock. Only problem is convincing Spies, he’s a rider, not a show boy.

  • dude

    haha, what a douche, trying to be cool. This looks like someone out of the 80’s at a MC Hammer conecert

  • moho

    ICE ICE Baby!

  • Astro

    Its the sunnies.
    They make him look totally gay.
    He should watch Terminator and get some sunnies like the govenor.