We should probably just go ahead change our name to Dirt & Rubber already, as A&R is on an off-road kick today. We’ve shown our fair share of slow-motion MotoGP videos from our friends at Red Bull, and today the brand that gives you wings has a treat for you dirt bike enthusiasts. Incorporating some great dirt track shots with James “Bubba” Stewart talking about the basic theories of motorcross racing, Red Bull has a nice little promo video here for Bubba and the Yamaha squad. Learning patented tips like “turn the bike like no other and get it done,” and “the Bubba scrub” we expect our street-leaning selves to be riding at JS7‘s level in no time at all. Video goodness after the jump, and be sure to note the slow-mo exhaust puffs at the 1:50 time marker.

Source: Red Bull (YouTube) via derestricted

  • skadamo

    ” note the slow-mo exhaust puffs at the 1:50 time marker.” Noted! Like.

  • Bob

    I thought this was going to be the anatomy of a crash at 1000 fps. :O

  • You think the Slow-mo puffs are as a result of the traction control?

  • Treyjaye

    No traction control allowed in professional MX.

  • wreckah

    the slo-mo puffs are simply the regular ICE puffs in slo-mo ;-)

  • Steve

    Moe Foe… That was BAD!