Good Morning.

01/09/2012 @ 7:09 am, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

After a long slumber sitting in a a collector’s garage, this Honda CR 750 M3 Factory Racer recently revved back to life near Dubai one early morning. Like anything that has been asleep for so long, it takes come coaxing and motivation to move past the slumber that lingers, and begin the day anew — firing on all cylinders if you will pardon the pun.

Documenting the awakening of this very special Honda CR 750 M3 race bike, Crank & Piston has a nice break down of the event, with some photos and an account of the storied Honda’s history. We just like that this short clip catches the waking beast, as we too are not morning people. Your Monday stars after the jump.

Source: Crank & Piston via derestricted

  • RJ


  • John Magnum

    Arrrrrrr! nice…..Name change Jensen, “Morning Glory”

  • Ha, nice John!

  • froryde

    Morning! What a lovely sound to wake up to!

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  • Steve

    Ahhhh…Makes me feel young again….But sometimes these days…it doesn’t take much. I remember my old pal George Kerker and Gary Fisher roaring around on those and watching when Dick Mann won Daytona. Ok, I’d better stop…I’m feeling old again. Thanks boys, Great sound!