Video: Traffic in Ho Chi Minh City

01/11/2012 @ 1:34 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

Fresh off the awesome truck, this time-lapse video seems apropos to our earlier discussion regarding motorcycling in Southeast Asia. A short film featuring tens of thousands of photographic stills, photographer Rob Whitworth has not only managed to capture the dense urban nature of Ho Chi Minh City but has also found a way to translate it into a very eye-catching depiction. It’s part chaos, it’s part art. It’s all Vietnam. Video & 18 stills after the jump, while a more detail Q&A on the project can be found at WORD HCMC.

Source: Vimeo & Flickr via Motorcycle Photo of the Day

  • John Magnum

    Thats what il call darting through traffic and running traffic lights from now on…….ridin Ho Chi Minh Style.
    Would love to see some Go-Pro footage on the local Ho Chi Ghost Rider.

  • Jake Fox

    Holy population density, Batman!

  • woww… its nice photo and very busy the traffic

  • Beary

    It really puts our over-regulated, over-policed, traffic-law-enforced, revenue generating laws to shame. Fantastic stuff.

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  • Hai Nghiem

    I’m a Vietnamese. And what you see is nothing compared to Hanoi or HCM in rush hour. It will take 1h to travel 10km. You’ll all get used to it if you live here. :))

  • vonich

    American driver’s will go crazy if they find themselves driving along with this people. I don’t see them lasting an hour driving in this type of traffic.