Haute Couture Meets the BMW S1000RR Superbike

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Before BMW officially unveiled its S1000RR superbike, it teased us with a series of shots with fashion models backed up by helicopters and cheetahs, making for high-fashion meets German stoicism in a delicious pairing of opposites. In a return to these roots, German photographer Markus Hofmann has once again introduced BMW to Haute Couture for a photo shoot. Video after the jump.

Explaining his reasoning behind the photo shoot, Hofmann tells us that:

“There are so many motorcycle manufacturers that combine motorcycles and women in an artless and sleazy way, that I thought there just had to be a better way of doing it. I had no intention of putting a naked woman on a bike, and it was very clear to me that the bike had to be the S 1000 RR Superbike in the same colour that people have seen on the racetrack in 2009. I didn’t want the bike to fade into the background either; showing the name of the manufacturer was also very important for me, because it made the feeling of a pit stop and racetrack environment much more authentic”

Like the photos from earlier in the year, we still don’t get it. Also, we’re not sure if adding a lens-flare in photoshop is a rebuking of the artless photo shoots of yester-year that Hofmann calls out as being sleazy, but then again we’ve never been all that fashionable, and we’re a group of Americans who speak only two languages: English & Bad English.

Video possibly NSFW if viewed in HD.

Source: Markus Hofmann via Two Wheels Blog

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