Thinking of Off-Roading a Ducati Hypermotard SP?

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When a press bike shows up at your doorstep, the miles on the odometer betray the sights and stories the bike could tell about its relatively short existence thus far.

At just nearly 2,000 miles, our little Ducati Hypermotard SP in the normal world would have stories of high-fives at the Ducatisti bike nights, hours spent in the parking lot outside of the local Starbucks, and maybe some tall tales of a wheelie or two.

But sort of on-par with dog-years, press-bike miles act as a multiplying factor, when in regards to the maturing of the machine. So with our machine at 2,000 miles, well that’s a bike that has really been around the block. Burnt clutches, blown fork seals, and chewed-up tires — those all likely describe this little SP’s first stop on the magazine tour bus, so multiply accordingly dear reader.

It is rare though that you really get to see/hear what the machine has gone through before it gets to you, but a quick check of the license plate in the video after the jump confirms that this “pretty impressive machine” has found its way into our hands. As far as we can tell so far, the description fits.

I am pretty sure that the rider here didn’t set out to make a promotional video when he took this Hypermotard for a spin outside of Palm Springs; but seriously Ducati, just edit this puppy down, put some bumpers in with the company logo, and call it done for advertising the Hypermotard SP to man-children.

After viewing Q’s jaunt, grown men will arrive on your doorstep offering their first-born for one of these machines.

Source: YouTube