Dougie Lampkin Has a Day at the Red Bull Racing HQ

05/01/2013 @ 2:34 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS


Watching freestyle trials riders is an exercise in understanding what most motorcyclists imagine they could do on two-wheels when they dream at night, but could never really hope to achieve in a million years during the waking hours.

Brimming with a skill set of patience, balance, and balls, riders like 12-time World Trials Champion Dougie Lampkin entertain us with their antics in confined spaces, on urban landscapes, and wiith gravity-defying front wheels.

So what happens when Lampkin visits the headquarters of Red Bull Racing? Well the obvious of course: wheelies, stoppies, burnouts…and that was just in the front courtyard.

Things start getting interesting though when Lampkin nips a bite to eat in the cafĂ©, takes a look inside the F1 team’s giant kiln, and then later decides to jump a priceless Formula 1 race car. All in day’s work for a wanderlusting trials rider — we’ll just keep on dreaming.

Source: Red Bull (YouTube)

  • proudAmerican

    “Um, has anyone seen Dougie?”

    “Last I saw him was when Bob closed him in the trailer last week…”

    “Uh, oh.”

  • Phil

    Love it and good music too.

  • Kenny

    “Back in your box Dougie, that’s enough exercise for one day”

    Everytime I see one of Dougie Lampkins vids I say to myself I must have a go on a trials bike someday. I still haven’t, probably cause I know the only thing I’d prove was that I’ll need a few decades more practice to be that good.
    Also loved the tension when he jumped the car, and how all the staff were still unsure if he’d damaged it or not.

  • Great stuff. I definitely want to try trials sometime!

  • Brett

    Thanks for that. Trials may have a new fan today.

  • BikePilot

    Great stuff! To everything thinking about trying trials, just do it. It’s huge fun, great exercise and is actually very accessible to riders of all skill levels. Also oddly hard to hurt yourself, especially if you are a noob.