And Now for Something Completely Different…

07/26/2010 @ 1:00 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

For the past four days, we’ve inundated you with our coverage of the Red Bull US GP race weekend, and while we do love us some racing here at Asphalt & Rubber, we like to think we’re more than a one trick pony. So let’s switch gears and mix it up a bit…and by that we mean, let’s showing you this awesome helmet prop designer Volpin made for Daft Punk. Where not sure if it’s channeling Eurofunk or Disco fever, but it’s seven shades of awesome on a Rocketeer helmet. Harder, better, faster, stronger videos/photos after the jump.

Source: Volpin Props

  • I MUST have this for my Enertia. Do you happen to know if it’s DOT or SNELL approved? Gotta protect the wage-earner’s noggin here, ya know.

  • Didn’t you hear? DOT and Snell helmets are MORE dangerous.

  • Did you hear that “whooshing” sound? That was the sound of your many advertisers vacating the premises.
    I just now saw the “making of” video. Okay, so not only is it not approved by any cranial-guarantee-authority, it apparently isn’t even very easy to see out of. Still – it’s something to strive for.

  • At the end of the day, it’s a prop helmet for Daft Punk (French techno music group from back when techno music didn’t have 20 different sub-varieties), so I think all our craniums are safe…from the street that is, not from the techno.

  • aptimus prime

    That’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo’s lid. It’s been around for a while, glad to see Volpin is still making it.

  • richmeyer

    Its nice to see someone actually make something cool rather than just rely on post production CGI.

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  • Jake Fox

    I think it’s pretty apparent from the video that this thing isn’t intended for use as protective gear. No, it’s obviously intended to be a chick electromagnet of the highest power. In that, I have no doubt of it’s efficacy.

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  • gildas

    Fuck fuck fuck…

    His moulding technique has made me rethink a whole product’s manufacturing method.

    Fuck – but it will be easier on the long run.