Yamaha must be picking up on the idea that any video with Colin Edwards is motorcycling gold, even when it’s hocking the Yamaha Extended Service warranty plan (well…sort of). While definitely not the company’s finest, and bleeping out Colin Edwards sort of defeats the purpose of why you’d put the plucky MotoGP rider in a video in the first place, as far as commercials for warranty plans go…this one has to be our favorite.

Though the writing could use some work, and editing things down a bit might have helped as well, we still like a number of the gags in this video, which is set at the Texas Tornado Boot Camp. A Shake Weight gag, reserved room for Dani Pedrosa, and the answer to what shooting a .50 cal has to do with riding await you after the jump.

Source: Yamaha Motor USA (YouTube) via Motorcycle.com

  • joe

    I like the troll door

  • On my desk (well, on the cabinet attached to my desk, at work) I have a scale model of my bike (’07 ZX-6R) and a .50 cal shell sitting next to it from the first time I went shooting years ago. Guess I’m ahead of the curve. :)

  • Nick

    I was actually at that bootcamp while they were filming… the end result is a lot different from what it seemed they were doing at the time.

    Note: the troll door (and sign) was already there and not a prop for filming….

  • Now I’m curious what it looked like when they were filming.

  • Nobody

    Rex Kwan Do! I wonder if he goes home to Starla every night.

  • Other Sean

    He goes home to a shake weight every night!


    I was there as well for the filming! a 2 minute video for 13 hours of work for 8 staff members, Colin rocks tho, no matter the outcome or some opinions.