Caption This Photo: Stop, Drop, & Roll

06/21/2010 @ 6:02 pm, by Jensen Beeler31 COMMENTS
  • pete


  • JR

    Colin, ever the team player, finally caught and crushed Pedrosa.

  • CBR600RR 09

    Please Please Please, let me ride Rossi’s M1!!!


  • Leigh

    Team orders: Spies, take a dive!

  • Blake

    I agree that he is begging for Rossi’s M1! Pleassssseeeee let me ride Rossi’s bike!!!!!!

  • Ades

    “Goddamn this Voodoo dance better well work to hold Georgie back today……………….. Hey Spies!, get over here and give me a hand will ya?”

  • CBR600RR 09

    Im a little worried. Does everybody know this is Colin Edwards? Leigh’s comment does not make sense to me unless he believes that is Spies.

    Forgive me if I got that mixed up Leigh

  • beemer

    i believe that is Colin, it’s written on his butt.
    but what the hell was he doing ?

  • pete

    Edwards “had” rossi’s M1(factory backing anyway), when he was his team mate on the factory team prior to lorenzo remember? I think edwards is great but he seems to be out classed by his mates rossi now spies, hence my comment “spies!!! NOOO!”

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  • bat

    I think Colin is “baptizing” a new leather, several riders are used to do that.
    About the caption I would say: “nooooo no no no no no I don’t want to go racing !”

  • AlanB

    Ades’ comment FTW! Perfect “Colin-speak”

  • Jake Fox


  • Danimals

    Practicing the Rossi high side.

  • Rockit99

    Whilst trying to undo the sump plug bolt to sabotage Rossi’s bike, Colin Edwards is left behind again.

  • Christopher Kenison



  • Your Mom

    I am DONE drinking. Period, God I promise no more drinking, just let me finish this race.

  • Lefty

    The question of who’ll fill in for Rossi has obviously been left up to Lorenzo …

  • Steveo

    To a passing fan.

    PLEASE let me give you my autograph PLEASE…..

  • Steveo

    Or please let me have rossi’s unbrella girl..


  • After gluing his hands together, Edwards highsides in the paddock.

  • Thats just how all his nightmares end before he wakes up.

  • Leigh

    OK,OK, I should have spent more time checking out Edwards’ ass…. ;)


    Edwards: I been in this game so long, nowadays I just wake up, roll outta bed and go racin’.


    Crew member: I know playing to the local crowd makes Colin a popular figure here in the UK, but his impression of the English goalie ain’t goin’ down too well.

  • Ades

    I believe what CE II was actually portraying was the old “Helpless victim on the railroad tracks” gag. With Lorenzo’s bike being the proverbial train……..

    As for his 2 Tech’s in the background………

    “He’s our rider right?”

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  • patoleduck

    Maybe it was his initial reaction to hearing he might take Rossi’s bike….. some thing like Homer running around in circles on the floor…

  • JPS

    Rossi sends a message to Lorenzo in the form of a bound and gagged former team mate.

    Once the kidnappers realized they had grabbed the wrong Tech3 Yamaha rider, Edwards was unceremoniously dumped in front of the nearest Yamaha pit.

    Remember the BMW/tablecloth trick; Yamaha’s about to try it with Edwards as the tablecloth.

  • CBR600RR 09

    Hey Leigh! Good quotes mate but those aren’t his team Techs, they are Ohlins specialists. You seem them all over the paddock in every garage that uses Ohlins suspension.

    Just a little FYI :D

  • toni

    oh my God, there’s ant in my pant..