Proper trials riding might be one of the most impressive feats a performed on a motorcycle. Seemingly able to conquer any obstacle, over any terrain, trials riders problem-solve some of the most difficult challenges motorcycling can throw at them, and they make it look easy. Not exactly the most popular sport worldwide, especially here in the United States, there’s a growing desire to put trials competitions more on the map, so to speak. Accordingly, Brian Capper was commissioned to tackle one of man’s more prominent architectural feats, the Moses Mabhida Stadium,¬†with a feat of his own.

On his home turf of Durban, South Africa, Capper took to the¬†Moses Mabhida Stadium’s centerpiece archway. 348 (106 meters) feet above the field below, pedestrians routinely walk up the double-arch, though few run the risk of clearing the sides of the arch, should they fall over. Riding up the arch with an unimpeded view of the stadium below, Capper says his biggest concern wasn’t the ascent, but instead his brakes over-heating on the way back down. Already steeply pitched downward on the stairs of the Moses Mabhida Stadium arch, Capper had to occasionally endo his trials bike to cool the rear brake.

It would take us years to describe those kind of cojones.

Source: Red Bull

  • MikeD

    Saw this somewhere else yesterday…

    After watching him pick “his route up” i was NOT impressed.

    With all the “noise” it created i thought he was going to ride up there on the concrete shoulder of the stairs, not the scaffolds…

    Still, not something i would do, so props anyways on the “xcess of balls” department and fudnnuts level but on these day and time it sure didn’t impressed me. lol.

  • MikeD

    My bad, english is like my third language. lol.

  • Alex

    Unimpressed. Why didn’t he just take the SKYCAR?

  • JS

    Yep not impressed. When i saw the staduim i thought ‘yeah this is going to look good traversing along the edge of that arch’ but like others was unimpressed to see him just go up the steps. And we had three and half minutes of pointless build up before we got to the disappointment.

  • Damo

    I can’t do it, so I am impressed.

  • M


  • Bob

    An amazing piece of architecture…for a stadium.

  • mxs

    It was not as amazing as it sounded. He was talking about the brakes like they were drum brakes from 60s …. I get it they are not large disk and pistons, but still they are and the duration of application was not as excessive.

  • Patron

    Julien Dupont would have riden over the arch

  • irksome

    Singularly unimpressed and I’m an old (’74 Sherpa T) trials rider. Using a ramp off the obs. platform AND at the bottom? Really?

    Anyone who wants to be truly impressed, Google “Danny MacAskill Way Back Home”. I don’t care that he’s on a bicycle. This kid is a freakin’ GOD.

  • bikepilot

    Very cool! I like that trials bikes are getting a bit more mainstream. It is a truly excellent sport that allows a lot of the freedom and fun of stunting without the idiotic wanna-be bad boy image that often comes along with stunting. It also is a way of doing off road riding in areas without much available land as it is ultra-low impact, quiet and doesn’t take much space.

    I don’t think the point was to push the limits of what a trials bike can cover, but to ride over something that (I’m guessing) has never been ridden over before. Trials bikes brakes to get insanely hot on long descents with any speed, I’m sure that was a real concern. He could, of course, have stopped feet up and let them cool, but it looked like the producers wanted a little bit of speed and continuous movement. The rotors on my bicycle are larger than on my Montesa. I agree that the actual riding didn’t look all that hard – I could probably do it and would certainly try, though I couldn’t do it with the grace and flair that Mr. Capper managed. Maybe he needs an e-trials bike with regenerative braking =p