Brand New Ducati Supermono Spotted on Ebay

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With only 70 examples and built for pure race use, the Ducati Supermono is one of the rarest bikes to come out of the Bologna factory. Tipping the scales at 269lbs, and making 81hp, the bike was lightning quick in its day, and despite being 15 years old, could probably stomp on a few bikes today as well. Today we find on eBay UK Supermono #59 up on the auction block.

The 14th Supermono to come out of the Ducati factory in 1995, this Supermono is probably the only “new” model available, as most found their way straight from the factory to the race track. It’s also 1 of 25 of the 572cc models of the Supermono. The starting bid is £50,000 (around $84,000), and the auction ends on August 14th. No living room is complete without this bike.

Source: Ducati News Today