BMW Unscripted: Tiffany Coates

12/30/2010 @ 11:10 am, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

Drawing from the same vein the as the BMW Films made in 2001 & 2002, the Bavarian brand has made some short videos that feature unique BMW owners doing what they do best with their German vehicles, and in the case of Tiffany Coates that means riding her BMW R80GS (named Thelma) just about everywhere humanly possible.

An accomplished adventure rider and a celebrity in the genre, Coates has hit five continents on her BMWs. While her narration gets a little advetorial at points, Coates’s travel book, experiences, and perspective, along with the imagery BMW shot for the video, easily make up for it with this rich short film. Check it out after jump, and let us know if you’ve gotten the itch to go exploring after hearing Tiffany’s story.

Source: BMW

  • jackie

    Who could not love this woman? Keep going Tiffany. Don’t you stop. Cheers.

  • bruce armstrong

    Got the bike, got the skills, don’t got the desire any longer…….two days away from my own bed is enough. Do your travel before you’re 40! Bruce

  • Keith

    sadly haven’t the time or dosh…got geriatric wing that goes where it’s pointed (though it’s not fond of off road) half past 40 and looking 50 in the eye…it flinched. But there’s livestock to feed and working dogs to supervise. I suppose I could let the wife feed the dogs and they do a decent job of watching the herd. Who knows? Get a bug up and maybe an old R80 then go walk about.

  • I started touring at 40. Get busy living or slowly die full of regrets.

  • Great film, wonder who shot it?

  • To Aprilia,

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  • Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    Next time I ride cross country it is on a bike with a f–king warranty.

    As opposed to my 2001 R1150GS, aka lemony-fresh money pit. 3 clutches, 1 front brake master cylinder, 2 clutch slave cylinders, a final drive/rear brake/rear wheel (after the FD seized and caught fire), driveshaft, transmission housing (cracked after hitting a NYC pothole!). Not quite yet 50k miles.

    I’m thinking Concours 14, and if the trade-in value isn’t enough, maybe sell the GS (back) to beemerboneyard..