Unlocking the BMW K1600GT’s Secret Missile Feature

01/13/2012 @ 11:42 am, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

Well it is Friday the 13th today, so we better kick things off right. Now before the sky darkens, it rains everlasting fire and brimstone, and the creatures of the underworld rise out of the cracks of the earth to enslave mankind for an eternity of toil and torture, we wanted to be sure to share with you this clever piece of motorcycling humor that involves the BMW K1600GT.

Maybe it will provide you with a ray of hope in our soon-to-be-realized dystopian future. Maybe it will arm you with the knowledge on how to take on the zombie hordes that will roam our streets. Or maybe…just maybe, you’ll chuckle and pass it on to Gil in the accounting department, because all he has to live for each day, as he moves numbers from one column on a spreadsheet to another, is that 37 minute commute home on his BMW K1600GT, which somehow continues to sustain his will to go living just for one more day in this upside-down mortgage world we live in.

Source: YouTube via Matthew Miles (Twitter)

  • LOL… my son recently sent me a similar movie, starring our dog. For you iPhone users, I think the app is called “Action Movie FX”. (no love for Android phones… boo) The bit of additional work required to add the “Missile” option to the K1600GT menu, however, makes this particularly awesome.

  • wow, that hongkongloki is one badass.

  • HEY! That was a VFR he just blew up! I think i hear the war drums beating over at VFRWorld.

  • marty

    I’m just hoping the plastic pieces stay on my 2000 KLR…

  • Oh dear. Very poor editing. The missile plainly came from over and above the rider’s left shoulder and from behind him so it clearly couldn’t have been one of the ones mounted near the bottom of the fairing. Anyway, it would explode the first time you leant the bike into the corner….oh, now, hang on, BMW riders don’t lean, do they?

  • Hows does one get a “garage” like this?

  • MikeD


  • Keith

    obviously BMW is utilizing a VLS similar to that used on the Ticonderoga class Aegeis missle cruisers and the latest DD’s. 8^) slick, but not sure how a pillion is going to feel about the rocket exhaust.

  • jamesy

    Frankly, I find the underwear advert on the right to be infinitely more entertaining. Just sayin….

  • Grant Madden

    Great for those people who go too slow in the fast lane.”Get outta the way !!”BOOM!!!!