Bandit Goes Mobile – BikeBandit Creates iPhone App

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Online parts and accessories supplier has unveiled its own iPhone application to help motorcyclists deck out themselves and their motorcycle in aftermarket goodness…all from the comfort of the palm of their hand. The app, which rev’s and vibrates when you open it, is complete with the exploded parts diagram that loyal BikeBandit shoppers have come to use and love.

If this post sounds like a thinly-veiled unsolicited advertisement for a fellow Penn State MBA (We are!..), you’d be right, but for the weekend wrencher who needs to remember how to put a clutch back together without hopping on a computer (and then order the bolt/nut/bracket they just lost) this is a well done, and possibly invaluable addition to your iPhone addiction. is the largest online outlet for motorcycle parts and accessories, and features over 8 million parts and 320,00 schematic diagrams, which are now all available in an easy to use iPhone form.

“After identifying an increasing volume of mobile traffic, we wanted to make it easier for our customers to be able to access anywhere,” said CEO Ken Wahlster. “‘Following an extensive research and development process we came up with this one-of-a-kind application which will greatly aid iPhone users in looking for motorcycle parts.”

Like many good iPhone applications, the BikeBandit app isn’t just a re-packaged version of their website, but makes the entire shopping experience extremely easy. We added our R1 track bike to our bike list, found all the parts for an oil change, and ordered them all within a couple minutes of time…maybe in even less time had we used the main website. Not bad Ken, not bad at all.

The iPhone app is free download from the Apple iTunes store, no word yet on an Android version.

Source: BikeBandit