Bike Chain Wall Clock – Finally an Overpriced Clock for Motorcyclists

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If the Bimota DB7R Diavolo Rosso is a bit much for your holiday wishlist, consider adding this equally overpriced holiday gift item. The Catena Wall Clock is a clever use of a bike chain and gears to tell the 24 hours in the day…well 12 hours in the day, you’ll have to figure out if its day or night on your own. A while we’d love to have one hanging in our office, the $2,338 price tag seems a bit much for what is essentially $20 in parts.

So why post this? Because motorcyclists are handy folks, and we’re more than confident that the garage hobbiest that make up our sport can easily DIY their own clock from this meager inspiration.

If tinkering isn’t your thing, and you’re sure you’ll batch the job worse than Tara Reid’s boob job, you can still purchase this pre-made clock yourself from unica Home. Allow 4 months for delivery.