Asphalt & Rubber Goes Down Under to Oz and NZ

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For the three weeks, Asphalt & Rubber will be coming to you from New Zealand and Australia, as I’ll be taking my first true vacation in nearly six years (booyah!). The high-profile blogging lifestyle is a tough mistress, and so far this year I’ve been on the road nearly 40% of the time (that figure is pure exaggeration, though A&R‘s entire June article coverage came to you from airports, hotels, and the back of my car).

The plan for the coming weeks is for my time down under to be less of a working holiday than my trips have been in the past (like Qatar and the Isle of Man, for example), so A&R’s mix of daily news coverage will come at you in spurts, while longer op-ed pieces will try and fill-in the gaps on days where I’m riding around in Kangaroo pouches, or whatever the hell it is they do for fun around here.

Having been in New Zealand’s southern island the past few days, I can confirm rumors of a pervasive sheep population, odd-speaking locals, and that spring is just around the corner. From here I’ll head up to Auckland and catch some of the Rugby World Cup, then it is over to Australia (Sydney & Melbourne) for the rest of the trip. While I’m trying to enjoy some life outside of motorcycling, I’ll be grabbing a track day at Phillip Island (bucket list item), and of course cover MotoGP’s Australian GP as one of the paddock’s few e-journalists.

If you happen to be one of Asphalt & Rubber‘s many upside-down readers, drop me a line in the comments or on twitter (@Asphalt_Rubber) on things to see and do while I’m over here in Oz and NZ.