Asphalt & Rubber Goes Down Under to Oz and NZ

09/23/2011 @ 7:46 pm, by Jensen Beeler22 COMMENTS

For the three weeks, Asphalt & Rubber will be coming to you from New Zealand and Australia, as I’ll be taking my first true vacation in nearly six years (booyah!). The high-profile blogging lifestyle is a tough mistress, and so far this year I’ve been on the road nearly 40% of the time (that figure is pure exaggeration, though A&R‘s entire June article coverage came to you from airports, hotels, and the back of my car).

The plan for the coming weeks is for my time down under to be less of a working holiday than my trips have been in the past (like Qatar and the Isle of Man, for example), so A&R’s¬†mix of daily news coverage will come at you in spurts, while longer op-ed pieces will try and fill-in the gaps on days where I’m riding around in Kangaroo pouches, or whatever the hell it is they do for fun around here.

Having been in New Zealand’s southern island the past few days, I can confirm rumors of a pervasive sheep population, odd-speaking locals, and that spring is just around the corner. From here I’ll head up to Auckland and catch some of the Rugby World Cup, then it is over to Australia (Sydney & Melbourne) for the rest of the trip. While I’m trying to enjoy some life outside of motorcycling, I’ll be grabbing a track day at Phillip Island (bucket list item), and of course cover MotoGP’s Australian GP as one of the paddock’s few e-journalists.

If you happen to be one of Asphalt & Rubber‘s many upside-down readers, drop me a line in the comments or on twitter (@Asphalt_Rubber) on things to see and do while I’m over here in Oz and NZ.

  • 2ndclass

    Spring has hit hard here in Sydney (for the most past), so you’ve timed your trip well. There’s tons of good riding just out of the city; Natio to the south, Putty and Bell’s Line to the west, Old Road to the north. Just don’t head out on the weekends. Too many people and highway patrol.

  • Q Deezy

    Naa mate, no worries about the critters all you need to do is:

  • Tony

    Gotta try and see the CGR 500 V8 motorcycle in Christchurch. How about a video with sound?

  • tack

    Your going to the wrong places…Queensland is where the great barrier reef is….Australia Zoo…sea world, couple of theme parks…plus plenty of Sunshine and the people are friendlier up here!!

  • Hey, mate. I hope you enjoy being down here. Any chance of a meet-up with you in Sydney so that some of us can see you and say hi?

  • Yeah, we should get a Sydney meet-up going. Any particular place/bar that you’d recommend? I’ll by in Sydney September 28th – October 5th.

  • Alex

    CGR 500 V8 motorcycle in Christchurch? What’s that? I live in Christchurch and I’ve never heard of it. I can’t find anything online either.

  • Alex

    By the way if you are still in NZ then I would recommend checking out the Britten V1000 they have in the Wellington Museum (Te Papa). It’s even cooler up close!

  • Odie

    Oh Man! I am so jealous!!!!! Take lots of pictures so us cube rats can see what the other hemisphere looks like.
    Have fun, Jensen.

  • Jensen, that sounds great. There are some great coffee shops along the harbour front near the Sydney Opera House. How does Friday 30th sound around 11’ish? If we could meet up on the main Opera House steps, then we could go find somewhere for a drink/coffee/lunch/bench race/whatever. Let me know if there’s somewhere I could give you my mobile number so we could make sure we don’t pass each other accidentally!

  • Muz

    You should have spent more time in the South Island, great roads and scenery and less than 1 mil people. ( and better looking sheep, nervous sheep tho ) Anyway see you at the worlds greatest race track Philip Island. Stoner to win race, andwin the championship. And I’ll be in the Honda hospitality tent living it up.

  • Minibull

    Enjoy the rugby Jensen, didnt think many Yanks were into rugby. Does it get much coverage in the USA?

  • Minibull

    Oh, and where have you been in the South Island?

  • Muz

    I live in the middle of the south island now, after living in Melbourne for about 20 years.
    Actually there are more cows than sheep around here.

  • Jake

    make sure you drop by phillip island and do a track day mate!

  • luke

    It’s a tad cheesy (to us Sydney-siders) but doing the bridge climb is pretty fun. Make sure you do the sunset climb, it’s the best by far. epic views – sunset on one side and sydney by night on the other.
    Then go to the rocks area (basically the bridge climb start point) and soak up some Sydney suds in a few of our classic pubs in the area (The Lord Nelson is a note-worthy one to visit).

  • Ades

    Hey Jensen, drop me an email to for when you are in Melbourne. We have some amazing roads here and with some of my connections (Motorcycle Print medi etc) I may be able to tee up some test bikes and V8’s).

  • Tony

    I read about the CGR500 V8 in Roadracing World magazine, October 2011 issue. The fabricator is Chris Gordon and the article was by Dave Britten. Could be wrong about Chris living in Christchurch but the article talks of the bike being tested at Ruapuna Park Raceway this last July.

  • Alex

    Strange… can’t find anything on the web about it. Too bad I cant buy that magazine here!

  • lasydesi

    Make sure that , have a plan to drive on the Great ocean road between Melbourne and Adelaide.

    In Adelaide, we call George Road as Heaven for Motorcycle Riders.

  • Alasdair

    Enjoy your trip. If you have a bike (or even a rental car) and are in Melbourne, and have some time, it’s well worth heading out to Kinglake – take the eastern freeway to Warrandyte, cross the bridge into Kangaroo Ground, follow the signs to Kinglake. On of my favourite roads.