Video: 2,600 Miles Around the Himalayan Mountains

08/01/2013 @ 12:00 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS


It’s Thursday afternoon, and you are probably sitting in a cube filing TPS reports when you should be out riding. Might we suggest a stroll around the Himalayas?

If the bossman overlords won’t let you out, then here is the next best thing, as Adam Riemann and his father documented their 4,500 km (2,600 mile), 21-day, multi-national trek across some of the world’s most treacherous, and beautiful, mountain roads.

The narration and story are a bit tough, but the sights are worth the price of admission alone. From the crowded streets of India to the empty solitude of the mountain passes, the Riemann boys seem to have hit every extreme.

We imagine there many more stories that the film doesn’t capture in its roughly six-minute format.┬áTo hear those though, you probably will have to undertake the trip yourself. Bring your Pops along too, if you go.

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  • Its actually a very old video. And the source originally is Hero MotoCorp’s YouTube account; and their bike ridden by him — Hero Impulse.

  • bemer2six

    Old or new what ever, I have never seen it before and also not a lover of dirt bikes thought it was kinda cool…

  • Norm G.

    1:22. curious, why are Indians seemingly fascinated with EXTREME RECUMBENCE…?

    “it’s just the lil’ differences”. (John Travolta voice)

  • paulus

    It does not matter what the bike is… cover some distance and have an adventure.
    Well done to father and son.

  • TexusTim

    TPS Report….um yeaaaa

  • TexusTim

    I saw this about 4 years ago…crazy…um yeaaa

  • thats stunning and terrifying!