Parody: 10 years of the Suzuki DR-Z

04/15/2011 @ 1:02 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

As the weekend approaches and we dream of our Saturday/Sunday milkruns, Fridays here at Asphalt & Rubber always seem to lean a little bit more towards the lighter side of things. Usually it just means a little bit more snark and fun in the tone of our posts, but this week our readers are helping out with the fun.

Posted to our Facebook page, some seemingly disgruntled DRZ owners have made a parody video of the “26 Years of the Suzuki GSX-R” piece that we posted yesterday. While the Suzuki GSX-R has come a long way in its 26 years of development, the DR-Z has, well…you’ll see. Happy Friday, the video is after the jump.

Source: foxracing99 (YouTube)

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  • Keith

    hmph…owning the prehistoric ancestor of the DRZ400 I am offended by this piece. Then never mention that the DRZ has more farkles and upgrades available to those with large credit cushions or loose cash than ever before. Why in my day the BEST you could expect for the DR370 (or the SP versioson) was a white bro’s swing arm. Lighting fixes? Nope, you’ll do quiet well just with that 6v headlight…bah these kids have it EASY. ;^)

  • Shaitan

    LOL! That was brilliant. The DRZ, the KLR and even V-Strom basically take somewhere between 5-8 years to see any changes other than minimal graphics changes or maybe a EFI tweak. Actually, in the regards to the V-Strom, there hasn’t really been and update, except for fuel mapping and windshield mods.

    It does astound me how some bikes — especially dual-sports/enduros — are left on the backburner of development. Where I live adventure bikes and dual-sports are VERY common, so someone (myself included) is buying and riding them, and while I think a bike should last a couple of years without an overhaul, it seems to me some manufacturers are just lazy.

  • BBQdog

    I would have finishing the video with:

    Suzuki, ride the winds of change ??

  • Andrew

    Well, when you get it right in the first place, you don’t need to change it every year.

  • BikePilot

    Lols, the DRZ is a might fine trail bike, but the base is too heavy, flexy and ill handling to be worth upgrading. That’s why Mr. Suzi went with an RMX450X based on the RMZ platform and its quite a performer~!

  • Keith

    Bike pilot…you wouldn’t call it flexi if you rode the 370 and you might not call it heavy either.

  • BikePilot

    I’m no where near old enough for the 370 :) I did have a 350 though and the DRZ is a little stiffer, but for all its “modern” stuff it gained surprisingly little capability.

  • Skadamo

    Shame they did not address any of the weaknesses over the years. Battery sapping dash. Pilot jet on s loves to clog. Cases cracked by foot levers if it falls.

    Nice: lower maintinance intervals than orange bikes. Cheaper entry.

    Love my 400s. My friends love to hate it. Makes for some fun email chains. :D

    Great vid! Gonna send to friends.

  • jeff_williams

    I love my 400SM. Mine looks quite dated though with it’s 2005 graphics. It did cost me about $1300 to get the bike to a more respectable power level but initial price was cheap. ThumperTalk has a rabid DRZ community.

  • Hey guys, I put that video together in an hour just for the fun of it. Not as a disrespect to the bullet proof DRZ. I enjoyed my Y2K model for a good 5 years before parting with it. Keep revving those Zs! =)