December 2009


Aprilia has announced that it will be backing Team Giofil’s 2010 Dakar Rally effort, with their four modified 2010 Aprilia RXV 4.5 race bikes. Team Giofil is already off to an impressive start this year, with a class win at the 2009 Rally of the Pharoahs, and hopes to add to that success in the Dakar Rally, which is confusingly being held in South America again this year.

Roger Edmondson has just announced that he will be leaving his position as Chairman, Managing Member, and Chief Executive Officer of AMA Pro Racing. Citing unforeseen health concerns, Edmondson’s resignation will go into effect Friday, January 1st, 2010, and while the AMA Pro Racing series has come under considerable fire lately, this announcement catches many in the industry off-guard.

If you didn’t receive the email, Harley-Davidson has sent out a notice that only 1,302 Buell Motorcycles remain in circulation in the United States. Helping would-be owners find the Buell of their dreams at a dealer near them, Buell’s website now features a model finder, which shows the model availability on a state-by-state basis.

Once you select your state you can not only see how many total Buells remain, but also which dealerships have your desired bike and in what color(s). For instance there is only one black 1125CR left in California (we call dibs).

Source: Harley-Davidson

UPDATE 2: American Chopper is back as American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior.

UPDATE: TLC has cancelled American Chopper.

Even with Paul Jr. and Mikey off of the show American Chopper, Paul Teutul Sr. has found a way to fight with his children, and further estrange himself from his family. Paul Sr. has filed a dispute with the Supreme Court of New York state (the State’s lowest court), which alleges that the elder Teutul has the right to purchase his son’s stock in Orange County Choppers Holdings, Inc., the company behind OCC.

Want to see what the fastest production electric motorcycle looks like as it power-wheelies and slides the back-end around Infineon Raceway? The folks at Mission Motors thought you might, and put together a promotional video that showcases the (Editor’s Note: Mission Motors President Edward West has commented below that this is a fan video) Mission One doing its thing to an urban beatnik vibe. Grab a cup of your favorite fair trade coffee, put on your hipster skinny jeans, and get ready to see motorcycling through the eyes of the Mission District à la San Francisco in the video after the jump.

It would seem reports that John Hopkins will be back in MotoGP with FB Corse were premature. While confirming that Hopper has been talking to the Italian GP team, his manager Bob Moore has denied any news that the American rider has signed with the team. Moore goes on to say that Hopkins is still considering all options at this point in time, including a ride in the AMA Pro Racing series.

Tork India, third place Open Class winner at this year’s TTXGP at the Isle of Man, has posted up a teaser on Facebook announcing the imminent arrival of their new electric motorcycle racer. While the photo being displayed on Facebook is really just a GSX-R cover with the Tork logos superimposed onto it, we’re still excited to see our first glimpse of the new Indian racer after the new year.

An integral part of motorcycling is the desire for riders to personalize their motorcycle to express their individual tastes. For some motorcyclists that means bolting-on an exhuast system, and spraying on some paint, but for others that means a completely custom or one-off build. Celebrating that tradition, we bring you three unique motorcycles that stood-out from the pack as we flipped through our coverage of 2009.

One way of measuring a motorcycle’s reliability is to see how many recalls were made for the model in a given year. Recalls are almost invariably created when a malfunction or design flaw poses potential harm to a rider’s life, or impedes the basic operation of the motorcyce. This past year saw 21 recalls from motorcycle manufacturers, with a few bikes and companies gracing our pages more than they’d care to admit. Check after the jump to see who these repeat offenders are.

Concept motorcycles, with their renders and sketches, captivate our minds with what could be. They are not confined by budgets, resources, or even reality, but instead are only limited by the imagination of their author. Some concepts are purely a work of fantacy, while others explore design and market elements. Because of the varying reasons and goals for a motorcycle concept, there is no single measure that one can apply in judging one concept against another. So instead our benchmark was to try and understand what the author’s intent was with their work, and then merit them on how well that goal was achieved. Asphalt & Rubber’s choices for the best motorcycle concepts of 2009 are after the jump.

Part of being a motorcycle enthusiast in the United States means waking up at odd hours to catch live coverage of your favorite racing series. Whether it be MotoGP, WSBK, or AMA, every racing Sunday is more like Easter Sunday as we hunt through the channel listings looking for our beloved sport on the television, sometimes finding the disappointment that the coverage has been pushed far back into the week as far as Wednesday.

For the motorcycle racing fanatics, this sort of Easter egg hunt is a ritual intrinsically tied to our love of two-wheeled racing. Thankfully, 2009 provided us some worthy racing treasures for all our efforts, and it is in this post we celebrate those moments.