What Do You Tweet When You Win the FIM MotoGP World Championship?

10/11/2010 @ 3:03 pm, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS

One of the great things about Twitter is that it often gives you unfiltered access to people who generally have several layers of public relations officers between them and the fans. No stranger to the interwebs, Jorge Lorenzo is probably one of the most avid Twitter users in the MotoGP paddock, blasting out a steady stream of tweets during a race weekend. So what does the Spanish rider send out to his followers after clinching the MotoGP Championship? Stay classy Jorge.

Source: Jorge Lorenzo (Twitter)


  1. Sean says:

    Indeed, Jorge’s odd gestures, and now this, lend to me drawing a parallel between him and the Katie Holmes era Tom Cruise.

  2. Whilst I’m a bigger fan of his arch rival, genuine responses like these are priceless and I wish Mr. Lorenzo nothing but joy and prosperity in his career.

  3. Billy B.Tso says:

    ha! Jorge ‘sounds/types’ like Antonio banderas in the assasin movie with Stallone…funny scene…yes jorge you’re number one. ha!

  4. Patron says:

    he was probably drunk. good on ya boy. enjoy it.

  5. MTGR says:

    Same kind of crap Rossi would have done at that age if he would have had twitter on hand.

    When Rossi does this type of thing, however, the press eats it up as the true emotion of a champion because he is one of their favored sons – when others do it they are blasted for being unprofessional.

    Personally I care more about the racing abilities of racers than I do about their PR abilities. Let him celebrate any way he wants, he earned that right with his riding this year.

  6. Keith says:

    That was more restrained than I expected.

  7. Jake Fox says:

    He’s not my favorite rider or close to it but he deserves his day in the sun. Good for him.

  8. Ricardo says:

    Hmmmm….. “….number ones!!” when title was “served on a silver platter”….. I wonder about how it would be under different circumstances.

    Yeah, he better enjoy this one, because nobody knows when will be the next.

  9. Kumo says:

    I’m still thinking that “We’re THE fu**** number ones” has more sense. BTW, in spanish it said “Los putos números uno” or “Los putos amos”.

  10. Barry G Russell says:

    Fair enough. Twitter is for spontaneous un-PR-restrained moments. He is not cool though and I think I know why: http://bazrussell.wordpress.com/

  11. Mickey says:

    @ Barry G: that’s a great read, and a very good point.

  12. What did Jorge Lorenzo tweet when he won the MotoGP world championship? http://bit.ly/cm6soP #MotoGP

  13. Barry G Russell says:

    Cheers, Mickey! :)

  14. steveo says:

    Barry posted this to Dave Emmetts site with reference top notch, and very well thought. IMO he acts like a red shirt freshmen that gets a Championship because the Star QB gets hurt and then thanks no one but himself. Just my .02

  15. Barry G Russell says:

    @steveo Thanks for comment. I didn’t post to Dave Emmett’s site, but am interested in how it got there because viewings have gone through the roof. Please could you give me a site address – couldn’t find it just now. Thanks!