Elizabeth Raab Does Nudes with Ducati

02/02/2011 @ 4:55 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

Photographer Elizabeth Raab has taken to motorcycles for her latest form of artistic expression, doing a series of photos with models strewn nude over various Ducati motorcycles. Consisting of 16 photos in all, The Desmo Photography Collection is being made available on a website that the Italian brand has put together to showcase art that intertwines Ducati and art (some would say a Ducati motorcycle is already a work of art, but we digress). We like Raab’s work here so much, we’ve already cleared a wall for our favorite piece*, and think this might be the perfect gift for that refined Ducatisti in your life. *Note: That link, and the gallery after, contain nude photos which may not be suitable if viewed from a work environment.

“I’ve approached and juxtaposed the abstract qualities of the organic and mechanical female forms, highlighting both the complexity in design and emotion of this established Italian motorcycle,” says Raab. “I’m exploring the many relationships between the designed and the natural. The lines of the mechanical body reflecting the lines of the organic form it was designed after. The unique color palette of the motorcycle extends from the framework to her hair, eyes reflecting the power of the engine hidden underneath the smooth exterior. She is in a sense, an extension of the bike herself”.

Source: Ducati Art

  • Andrey

    Great to see Elizabeths’ work getting some good exposure (no pun intended). It certainly was interesting watching her shoot my 750 Sport (second from last image above). She made it seem so simple but I think this is a lot harder than we think. Can’t wait to see what she does next.

  • 2strokesrule

    wtf is this i see no boobs :(

  • Baldy bonce

    boring, rather look at the paddock girls sitting astride them racebikes

  • gildas

    Very elegant. Me liky a loty.

  • Andrey

    Yeah. A lot of the negative reactions about these photos elsewhere on the internet result from extremely prudish and blinkered thinking…. nothing bad about the photos at all and even the warning here about the photos after the jump is a bit of an over reaction to the images themselves…. The U.S. is such a contradiction…. it produces so much porn, violence and obnoxious language and imagery on TV but then reacts adversely to something as tame as this… It’s a very strange place!

  • It is a strange place, but it is a large place and not all are strangely childish.

  • wayne

    Those images are outstanding. From what I’ve been able to determine, 99.375% of people really have absolute no idea how hard it is to light a complex subject like a motorcycle so that it looks ‘right’ in the finished photo. And the human form is even harder. The sad part about this is that a lot of people don’t get the full appreciation of the work. If the only thing you were looking for is naked women on bikes you can find all of that you want with google, but if you were hoping (as I was) to see outstanding images of amazing subjects then it rarely gets better than these.

  • pete

    come on man, where’s the Hyper?!?!?!

  • Ducracerx

    OLD NEWS!! I’m friends with Elizabeth and she has been doing this type of work since 2006. Ducati is late to the ball dudes.

  • Ducracerx

    Her work is getting way too odd now! I have 2 of her early 916SP and 996 jobs where she used zero models. Just the bike itself. Now she is on this pale zombie gothic kick. Ruins the photo.