Video: Crocs vs. Asphalt

07/01/2010 @ 3:11 pm, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS

There’s so many things going on in this video, we’re not certain where to begin. Filmed on Mulholland Highway by the same fine folks who brought us video footage of the guy who crashed in front of a CHP officer, this new saga takes a different approach to riders exceeding their limits on city streets.

Take an unsuspecting white Honda Elite scooter, a pair of Crocs shoes, and some invisible knee pucks, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a bizarre Sunday morning lowside that could have been much, much, much worse.

While we’ll give bonus points for good dirt-tracking technique, be sure to check the slow-mo footage for the exact moment the rider’s shoes depart humanity, and dive over the cliff. Video after the jump. Thanks for the tip Jelly!

For those concerned about the rider, a CHP officer was only a short distance up Mulholland, and came onto the scene immediately. The officer bandaged up the rider’s knee, and sent him on his way with no citation. We imagine the rider is in the market for a new helmet though, and maybe pair of shoes.

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  1. That’s on Mullholland Hwy. I’m only being a nit-picking wanker because there is a Mullholland Drive, too…and they intersect, which makes it doubly confusing.

  2. Jenny Gun says:

    Thanks for the correction James.

  3. harumph says:

    I suppose this is how you end up finding lone shoes on the side of the road.

  4. Brammofan says:

    Yikes… at :22, he just about staggers backwards over the rail. Who is this squid?

  5. Peter says:

    Oh wow. It seems like sticking his foot out was exactly the wrong thing to do in this situation. Apparently Crocs don’t slide too well on asphalt.

  6. Video: Crocs vs. Asphalt – #motorcycle

  7. rick slark says:

    RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Video: Crocs vs. Asphalt – #motorcycle

  8. Dawg says:

    Jeez. There were already a few dents in that barrier before he even arrived! Looks like one nasty bend there. Glad he was ok.

  9. buellracerx says:

    poor body position…

    no lean angle in those elites, haha

  10. stevesnj says:

    I think there needs to be an ‘Other’ space on traffic tickets so the policeman can write in ‘idiot’ and fine him at least $100 for being stupid.

  11. titas says:

    Epic fail. He should have duct taped some sliders to his knees.

  12. Adrian says:

    Oh gawd, the number of times I’ve seen a Croc stuck in the teeth of a stopped escalator… no way would you wear them for riding.